Wilsonville Wrestling Goals

The Goal of the Wilsonville Wrestling Program

To promote an interest in the sport of wrestling among parents and the youth of Wilsonville.

We aim to accomplish these goals by:

  • reinforcing the concept of being a student athlete with the primary importance of schoolwork.
  • developing in members, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, and respect.
  • supervising, sponsoring and financially assisting a competitive and disciplined program of Wrestling.
  • stressing the concept of parent and family support, children working together and playing together in all activities so that the family may be strengthened in the process.
  • ensuring all practices, meets, and team organization that is governed by Wilsonville Youth Sports Inc. and USA Wrestling is done so in accordance with their established rules and bylaws.


Interested in volunteering?
Contact:  Tony Ruvalcaba, Director of Youth Wrestling; 503-314-9687