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Wilsonville Youth Softball is opening our registration for the 2019 Spring Softball Season for girls ages 4 to 14 starting Monday February 3rd.

Registration will close on March 1st in preparation of our Player Evaluations on March 2nd. Any player registrations on March 2nd or later will be charged a $25 late fee. Be sure to register on time. 

Registration fees are as follows:

  • 6u (ages 4-6)                         $85        (Teams are put together based on schools for example 10 Classmates from Boeckman Creek would be on 1 team)
  • 8u  (ages 8 and under)           $120      (Teams are put together based on schools for example 10 Classmates from Boeckman Creek would be on 1 team)
  • 10u (ages 10 and under)        $200      (Players are evaluated and placed on rec team or travel team)
  • 12u (ages 12 and under)        $220      (Players are evaluated and placed on rec team or travel team)
  • 14u (ages 14 and under)        $220      (Players are evaluated and placed on rec team or travel team)     

             * Wilsonville Youth Softball is a Recreation Based League which practice 1-2 minimum a week and plays in a league that plays games on M/W or T/TH.                             

            ** Travel team consist of playing in tournaments on a few weekends.


Registration and payments are done online and paid via credit or debit card (no checks).  All fees must be paid at the time of registration or the registration will not be completed.

WYS has a limited number of scholarships available for those in need. All scholarship requests must be submitted and approved before you are able to register. Please allow time for submission and approval before the registration deadline. 

When asking for Scholarship assistance, it's very important that you send an email to and  

This email must include:

  1. A scanned copy of the appropriate paper work (outlined in the financial assistance guidelines link below)
  2. Participant's full name
  3. Paticipantt's DOB
  4. Participant's grade

Correspondence not containing the appropriate paper work and information will prolong the registration process for your child.

For USA Softball, age is determined as of December 31st, 2018. For example, Jennifer is 9 years old as of 12/31/18, this makes her eligible to play 10u. 

10u players will have the opportunity to play in an end of season tournament. For 12u and 14u players, in addition to the USA league play, travel teams will also get to play in weekend tournaments determined by the coaching staff.  Travel teams are determined by player evaluations, typically not by school or last year’s team, some exceptions do apply. Player evaluations for 10u, 12u, and 14u will be Saturday, March 2nd.

To register visit and click the link for Member Login

To register online, you will need a Member Account. The username and password you create for your member account is shared by all members in the family. Essentially you are creating a family member account. You only need to create the account one time. You will use the same member account (family account) each time you register for any WYS program (cheer leading, football, softball, & wrestling). The member account can be connected to many registrations. 

If you have registered in the past there is no need to create a new account but instead enter your email/password. In case you have forgotten your password just click on the "Forgot Your Password".


Know someone else who may want to play this year?  Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested.


ADULT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (Coaches, Assistant Coach, or Chaperone)

Besides needing many great energetic girls, we also need many great and energetic volunteers.  The programs and the players depend on many dedicated volunteers.  No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and to work with the girls.  We will provide you the tools and resources tailored to the age group you are coaching. Please indicate your intention to coach, assistant coach, or chaperone on your daughter’s registration but also make sure to officially register separately as a coach.  Your commitment will help insure a successful program for more than your daughter.  We look forward to a successful and exciting 2019 season.  For questions or comments please email us at

To find more information about the programs the Wilsonville Youth Softball offers please visit home page, click on "about us" and then "programs."

Thank you!


Best regards,

John Hadden 

WYS Director of Softball


Facebook: @WilsonvilleYouthSportsSoftball

Voicemail: 503-610-0924