WYS - Boundaries
The boundaries for Wilsonville Youth Sports shall be the Wilsonville High School district as defined on the West Linn Wilsonville School District web-site. Private-schooled or home-schooled kids that reside within this boundary shall be eligible unless the specific sportsÂ’ organizing body has rules and restrictions that would prohibit the child from participating. "Primary residency" (in the case of dual custody) will be used to determine to be where the childÂ’s residency is.

Children outside of this boundary shall have to petition the Board of WYS in writing to receive permission to participate in a sport within our organization. Wilsonville Youth Sports policy is to discourage the recruiting of players and generally will not grant any waivers into or outside our organization, unless denying such waiver would prevent the child from being able to participate in that sport for any organization. The Board reserves the right to override this policy in rare and unusual circumstances if, in its opinion, granting the waiver does not appear to be predatory or of a recruiting nature.