Coaches Information and Forms
Posted Mar 27, 2019


First step is to signup. Visit

Coaches are required to take CERTIFICATION courses in Safety and Concussion. I have numerically summerized each item we need from each ADULT Volunteer. These are important to fill out and submit so that you can be APPROVED to be on the TEAM STAFF:

Please visit and create login or login. Complete 1A or 1 through 4.

(1a) SafeSports_Refresher 1: Recognizing and Reporting Misconduct (For persons that have taken courses with the last 12 months)

(1) SafeSports_Emotional and Physical Misconduct (New volunteers)

(2) SafeSports_Mandatory Reporting (New volunteers)

(3) SafeSports_Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

(4) SafeSports Trained Cert

* Email all 4 CERTIFICATES to

Please visit and sign-in/register. Take the "CONCUSSION IN SPORTS" course.

(5) NFHS/CDC Concussion Certification

* Email all  CERTIFICATE to

Download forms and fill out.

(6) 2019_Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge  2019_Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge.pdf

(7) 2019_CCGSA_Coaches_Agreement  2019_CCGSA_Coaches_Agreement.pdf

(8) 2019_USA Softball BG and Release   2019_USA Softball BG and Release.pdf

* Email all 3 filled out forms to

Once all forms and certifcates have been submitted to WYS, we will let you know to login into the USA Softball Website to initiate your BACKGROUND Check. Scroll down to the bottom middle and look for "Background Check Status". Click link, follow directions to initiate Background Check. Can take minumum 15 minutes to 1 day. Once approved it will say "CLEARED". 

Next you must take the ACE Educations Courses. Each Year is a new level. Your courses will be recorded on your account/profile and as Team Admin I can view if you have taken the courses. Please take right away!!!!

(9) ACE Education 2019_ACE Education.docx

Each coach is permitted to take one test/level per playing season. If you are a first year coach then you would complete Level 1, so on and so on.

Once completed your USA Profile will update with completed, no certifications to send. Only one ACE Course to take. If you are a first time coach it will be LEVEL 1 completed, so on and so on.


WYS DEADLINE IS APRIL 7th. Remember you ARE NOT APPROVED to participate as a Coach/Volunteer until all paperwork and courses are fullfilled.