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Please click here for Baseball Policies

Website Updated: 5/10/14

Next Baseball Meeting is on May 12 6:30 in Wilsonville Batting Facility


Open Cage Use;

(PLEASE NOTE; this is not 'drop in' use; a Wilsonville parent must schedule batting cage use in advance. The facility is not staffed, WYS does not provide supervision.)

Rules for Off-Season Open Cage Use;

1. One hour time blocks must be schedule 48 hours in advance. Cage usage for 2014 registered baseball and softball players only.

2. Minimize sibling loitering in the facility. A maximum occupancy of 8 youth. All youth are required to wear batting helmet at all times (exception, non-batting use such as pitching/throwing practice).

3. Minimum of two adults are required to supervise youth activities at the batting cage. (Exception: One supervising Adult is allowed if all attending youth are the children of the supervising adult.)

4. Pick up balls and equipment after your use - leave it as you found it!

5. More information can be found in the 'WYS Batting Cage - Policy and Procedure' document.

6. It is required for all adults to sign-in and sign-out the condition of the facility for tracking purposes. Any violations of the rules can result in rejection of future cage usage request.

Please remember this is a program that is 100% volunteer. We need your help.

Please contact us for volunteer opportunities within the Baseball program

Let's Play Ball !!