Scholarship Guidelines

When asking for Scholarship assistance, it's very important that you send an email to

This email must include:

  1. A scanned copy of the appropriate paper work (outlined in the financial assistance guidelines link below)
  2. Participant's full name
  3. Paticipantt's DOB
  4. Participant's grade

Correspondence not containing the appropriate paper work and infomation will prolong the registration process for your child.

To view the Financial Assistance Guidelines CLICK HERE

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2021 Update
To our Wilsonville Youth Sports Community:

We are recruiting board members!
Here is an idea of responsibility and time commitment for each position. We meet monthly. Currently on Zoom, perhaps in person again once COVID restrictions change.
President: Conduct meetings, recruit board members, participate in Wilsonville community boards as time allows. Keep insurance coverage current (yearly) 4-5 hours/month.
Vice-President: Attend board meetings, aid Directors when there are coach or player conduct issues. 2 hours/month
Treasurer: Attend board meetings, update budgets for each sport, write checks for sports directors and insurance, reconcile checking account, report month end financials, basic knowledge of QuickBooks, 5 hours/month
Secretary: Attend board meetings, take detailed notes during meetings, send out communication about board meetings, 2 hours/month
Registrar: Assist Sport Directors in setting up registration and filtering through scholarship requests. Attends monthly meetings. 10 hours/month 4x a year.
Member at Large (3): Attend monthly meetings. 1 hour/month
Director of Cheer: Facilitate coaching, uniform procurement, sideline cheer for football season only. Attend monthly meetings. 10 hours/week in season. 1-2 hours/month off-season

If interested, please email with the position you'd be willing to volunteer for in the subject line.

Interim President is Cadence Fee and can be reached at
Wrestling Registration
Posted Oct 20, 2021

Wilsonville Wrestling is divided into three main categories:

  • Youth (Includes Middle School)
  • Middle School (Only)
  • High School

Youth Wrestling:  The Youth Wrestling Club is open to Kindergarten through Middle School.  The Club will not only help your child get to know the sport of wrestling, it will help them become a better athlete through fitness training, gymnastics, and team games that improve hand/eye coordination and strength and conditioning.

Practice Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Practice Location: Wilsonville High School Wrestling Room (downstairs under the gym). Please see our competition schedule for information regarding scheduled tournaments. (We are awaiting the tournament schedule for both youth and middle school, and will keep you posted when we get the exact information.) 

Cost:  $175.00.  This includes the uniform which can be worn for both practice and competition, the cost of your USA Wrestling Card, which is required for tournament registration and includes insurance.  

Click Here to Register 

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Posted Feb 12, 2021

Wilsonville Softball 2021



For more information about the softball program or interest in volunteer opportunities please contact


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